Animal Hospital and Veterinarian Near Brazil, IN

Animal Hospital near Brazil

When you come to Brown Veterinary Hospital, you might find us on the floor to greet your pet. At our animal hospital near Brazil, IN, this is not too unusual. It’s just a way for us to get down at their level and hopefully decrease their anxiety about being here. Actually, what sets our veterinarians apart altogether is our focus on compassionate care that’s tailored to your furry friend’s individual needs and personal lifestyle. Though we provide many veterinary services, our animal hospital near Brazil does try to veer away from the clinical aspects that most hospitals have. One of the ways we do this is by communicating openly with you, the owner, about your family pet’s treatment.

Speaking of pets, Brown Veterinary Hospital not only sees dogs and cats on a regular basis, but exotic pets as well. These include birds, ferrets, and rabbits. So, whether your pet family is traditional or not, we can’t wait to meet you. Visit us at Brown Veterinary Hospital soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Our animal hospital near Brazil provides the following services for all pets:

  • Pet wellness exams & vaccinations for all ages, including senior pets, where we continually monitor and test for various age-related conditions such as arthritis
  • Diagnostic services, where we use a tonometry to check for glaucoma, provide heartworm testing, do CBCs and chemistry blood panels, and more
  • Pet dermatology and allergy care, where we learn of your pet’s allergies and other skin problems they may have
  • Pet dental services, which include oral x-rays, as well as scaling and polishing their teeth
  • Pet surgery, where we perform a variety of procedures ranging from routine spays and neuters to splenectomies and amputation
  • Nutritional counseling for pets with allergies, chronic conditions, and anything that a change of diet would help with
  • A house call service, which is useful for families with a sick pet or if they have more than one pet at home
  • Birds, rabbits, and ferrets also have wellness care and some vaccinations and surgical procedures available for them

If you want to bring your pet to Brown Veterinary Hospital, contact us at 812-645-0715 for an appointment.