Dermatology and Allergies

Pet Dermatology in Terre Haute: Dog Wears Party Beads

Few things are more frustrating than watching your pet itch and scratch constantly, especially if you don’t know what to do to relieve their suffering! Most excessive scratching is caused by pet allergies and there are options for dealing with this condition.

When your pet is suffering from allergies, the symptoms may not be limited to itchiness. Other effects you may observe in your pet include:

  • Dandruff
  • Ear infections
  • Hair loss in patches
  • Hot spots
  • Red eye rims
  • Red skin
  • Sores on the skin
  • …and more

Allergies in pets are often a huge concern in the Terre Haute area. If pet allergies are something that you struggle with in your household, we recommend bringing your pet in for a complete examination right away.

Pet Allergy Examinations

When the symptoms of allergies are observed, our team will perform a number of allergy tests to help us identify the root cause of your pet’s condition. While some pets may show signs of allergies because of environmental allergies, some of the most common causes of this condition in pets is food allergies. We work with each pet and owner on an individual basis to help determine each pet’s needs.

Allergies are a highly individualized condition and often rigorous diagnosis is required to help us find and the root cause of your pet’s symptoms. When allergies are caused by certain foods, these foods can be eliminated to help your pet feel better, while environmental allergies often require medications to eliminate symptoms.