Pet Wellness Care in Terre Haute, IN

Ongoing wellness care and disease prevention are crucial to ensuring a long, healthy life for your pet. At Brown Veterinary Hospital, we recommend routine pet wellness exams and vaccinations for dogs and cats of all ages. Annual exams are ideal for pets that are otherwise healthy, but we may recommend biannual (every 6 months) exams for senior pets (age 7 and older). Biannual exams are also advisable for dogs and cats with chronic health issues requiring ongoing management. Our goal is to work together with you to give your pet the best care and the highest level of protection against various health risks.

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Our Life Stage
Wellness Requirements
for Dogs and Cats

What kind of care does your pet need at their age? Below are our general wellness recommendations/requirements for the different life stages of dogs and cats. At Brown Veterinary Hospital, we work with you to customize your pet’s wellness care to meet their individual needs.