Personalized Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats in Terre Haute, IN

Vaccinations are a key component of your pet’s care. At Brown Veterinary Hospital, we are fully dedicated to making sure your companion receives the most compassionate and personalized treatment possible at every life stage. Cat and dog vaccinations are essential to the health of not just individual pets, but also the greater pet community in Terre Haute and beyond. We want you and your four-legged family member to enjoy as many happy and healthy years together as you can, and a tailored vaccine plan contributes to that goal!

Cat Vaccination

Why Does My Dog or Cat Need to Be Vaccinated?

Vaccines give dogs and cats increased immunity to many harmful animal diseases, such as rabies, distemper, parvo, Lyme, and feline leukemia. They provide your pet with an extra layer of protection in the form of disease-fighting antibodies to keep infection at bay, or at least greatly minimize the symptoms of illness should they get infected.

Personalizing Your Pet’s Vaccines to Their Unique Needs

Our veterinarians at Brown Veterinary Hospital firmly believe in a personalized approach to pet care, and that includes vaccines. Every pet’s vaccinations will vary depending on their age, health status, activity level, lifestyle, disease risks, and other factors. Our goal is to keep your pet fully protected from the most severe and contagious diseases, and not compromise their immunity with more vaccines than they need.
Below are some of the core and non-core cat and dog vaccines we offer at our hospital.

Making Vaccinations More Comfortable

Vaccinating your pet is a relatively painless affair, but we are glad to use Ultra brand vaccines (excluding rabies), which consist of a smaller dose. A smaller dose means we can administer vaccines more quickly, and with even less discomfort, which minimizes stress for your pet. However, despite being a smaller dose, our Ultra vaccines are just as effective in protecting your pet.

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