Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Terre Haute, IN

Our veterinary team would like to emphasize the importance of dog and cat teeth cleaning at our Terre Haute animal hospital. In relatively recent years, the veterinary industry has begun to recognize the importance of dental health to each pet’s physical health. Pet dentistry is a part of our backbone at Brown Veterinary Hospital.

Many pet owners do not realize that the quality of their pet’s dental health can have a direct effect on the quality of their overall physical health as well! When tartar and plaque build up on the surfaces of your pet’s teeth, toxins can seep beneath the gum line and into the bloodstream, negatively affecting major organs in the body. This is why it is so important to ensure that your pet’s mouth is clean and healthy throughout their life!

Dental Cleaning

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning at Brown Animal Hospital

When dogs and cats come in to our animal hospital for routine care, wellness exams, health checks, and more, we always perform a brief oral examination. This helps us to identify whether there are underlying conditions that need to be addressed.

If a professional dog or cat teeth cleaning is recommended, we will schedule this procedure as it is performed under anesthesia for your pet’s safety. When your pet is sedated, we are able to make sure that their mouth is thoroughly cleaned without causing undue stress on them. You can expect a professional dental to consist of the following steps:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that your pet is healthy and able to be anesthetized
  • Complete surgical monitoring to ensure your pet’s safety throughout their procedure
  • Digital dental x-rays to help us identify underlying conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye
  • “Before” photos taken to show the extent of your pet’s oral buildup
  • Scaling the surfaces of teeth to remove tartar and plaque buildup
  • Polishing the surfaces of teeth to help prevent buildup
  • “After” photos taken to help you compare the results

During your pet’s professional dental cleaning, we may also provide tooth extractions if a tooth is found to be damaged beyond repair. We have also worked to provide care for resorptive lesions in cats, among other dental procedures based on pets’ needs.