Dog and Cat Spay and Neuter Surgery in Terre Haute, IN

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At Brown Veterinary Hospital, we work to provide the safest, best-in-class care for all our procedures, including for spay and neuter surgery. Many dogs and cats undergo spay and neuter surgery for good reason. The medical and behavioral benefits are some they couldn’t receive any other way. Plus, when you help combat animal overpopulation, you help combat animal homelessness. If you live in Terre Haute or a surrounding area, schedule your pet’s spay or neuter procedure with us. We want only the best for our four-legged friends.

A General Pet Spay and Neuter Timeline

The same as no two humans are the same, no two pets are the same. Consequently, the best time for spay or neuter surgery can vary from one pet to the next. Generally, most pets can and should be spayed or neutered by six months old. If you have a new puppy or kitten, schedule a wellness examination, so we can talk about spay and neuter surgery, vaccinations, and more. Our veterinarians are happy to help guide you on your four-legged friend’s care. Spay and neuter surgery is an integral part of their overall health plan.

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Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Dog and Cat

When you have your female pet spayed or your male pet neutered, you help them live a longer, healthier life. Apart from the medical benefits, you receive some behavioral perks that help increase both you and your pet’s quality of life.

Female pets receive medical and behavioral benefits:

  • The likelihood of developing ovarian or uterine cancers is greatly reduced.
  • Unwanted pregnancies are eliminated if spaying is done before the first heat cycle.
  • Incidences of mammary gland tumors are greatly reduced.
  • Urine spraying and marking behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Worrisome roaming behavior is reduced or eliminated.

Male pets receive medical and behavioral benefits:

  • Any chances of developing testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • The incidence of prostate problems is greatly reduced.
  • Worrisome roaming behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Urine spraying or marking behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Mounting behavior is reduced or eliminated.

To learn more about spay and neuter surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact us. We look forward to caring for your four-legged friend!